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I promise that one day, I'll resume talking about things that are not The Good Place, but today is not that day.

As of last night, I have finished catching up on all three seasons!! And wow, has it flown by. Someone in the show's subreddit compared its pace to that of Dollhouse, and that is definitely fair. Massive plotlines are rushing past in like, an episode or two. It's intense. And despite that the show manages to consistently be so funny!

So, clearly I was off-base in some of my speculation last time, but now I've caught up on the whole show I wanted to just write a little more about it.

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So that's that. And now I'll have to wait probably nine or ten months or something before there are any more episodes of this show out to watch ☹ On the bright side… I do have a lot of other shows on my Netflix list that I could watch…

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Over the past week, I have watched much more of The Good Place. I'm still not all caught up, but only eleven episodes away now, which is probably like, two more evenings of concerted watching.

Anyway, as I went, I wrote a bunch of notes into a text file in Code, because I'm a big ol' dork and I had to put my thoughts somewhere even though I was watching alone. I have now tried to rearrange all my thoughts into coherent points of discussion, which you will find under the cut below.


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I have long been a pretty avid user of Twitter. While I first made an account towards the end of 2007, I probably began to intensely use it in 2010 or so. I dropped off a bit when I started using Tumblr, and then returned when I got sick of Tumblr. The thing is, though, that I find myself keeping on opening Twitter even though it annoys me. I do the same thing with Reddit too, and used to do so with Tumblr until I moved out of home and having to survive a whole month with nothing more than 2GB of mobile data enabled me to kick the habit. Anyway, to help me explain all this to myself, I came across the following tweet about a week ago:

And you know… this struck me as absolutely true, not only about Twitter but lots of other social media like Reddit. It's almost a tic for me – when I'm procrastinating or bored or just not thinking about what I'm doing at all, I'll open a new tab and go straight to one of these sites. I'll scroll and scroll, and probably 95% or more of what I see is not that interesting (or even downright aggravating)… but then I'll spot something interesting, or funny, or cute, and I guess the reward centres in my brain go DING! All the aggravation will be forgotten. And then I'll keep scrolling.

I feel like this also ties in with a comparison someone else has made (and I apologise that I've forgotten who) – these kinds of sites are like a “firehose” of information flooding in all the time. With Twitter especially, another reason it can be compulsive to check it constantly is that if you don't, you miss things. At least once you're beyond a certain number of followed accounts, anyway. And that's extra annoying because about 95% of the tweets you're trying to catch up on are not that interesting… but you just don't want to miss the 5% that are!!! And if those “gems” could only be reliably posted or retweeted by the same small subset of accounts each time then your life would be easy. But they're not.

tbh, I would really like to wean myself off “firehose”-style media – it is utterly corrosive to my productivity, and I also feel like I spend way too much time revved up about things I can't change. And yet, this tweet has helped to explain why that apparently simple idea has proven so difficult for me. If only there was someone with identical taste in tweets to me who could compile a digest of what's good each day…

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Insofar as I made new years resolutions, one of mine was to make time for reading – at least half an hour, five days a week. Back when I worked crappy jobs in the inner suburbs, I used to spend a lot of time reading while I commuted, and thus I read something like 125 books in two and a half years. But then I started Masters, and basically fell out of the habit. It's something I missed doing, so I decided to make time for it.

So far this year I've been working through a bunch of self-published books that I bought towards the end of last year, as well as a couple of trad-pubbed fantasy ones (V.E. Schwab and China Miéville). I thought I'd write some quick thoughts on each below a cut!

Herein lies a mix of fantasy, science fiction and one crappy mainstream book. No spoilers! )

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So last night, I finally started watching The Good Place. I'd been hearing great things about it for a long time (and that Twitter account, no context the good place, sure made it look intriguing), and when we were in South Africa one of my sister-in-laws was like, “NO WAY, you haven't seen it yet?!” so yesterday I took the plunge.

And my god, what a great show. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard at a US sitcom – probably back when I was watching Community. I watched eight episodes and I probably would've watched more except Netflix kept springing these “Are you sure you're still watching?” dialogues at me and as it neared 11pm I decided to take the hint and go to bed.

I am intrigued by a lot of things. I am suspicious of this idea that only like, the top 0.001% or something of humanity would actually make it to “the good place” instead of “the bad place”. Considering some of the characters who are there, I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a twist somewhere along the way. Even setting the suspense of that aside, there have been so many classic scenes/moments… the big reveal about Jian Yu (and subsequent episode), Michael's retirement party, almost every scene Janet is in, and so on.

And all the seasons so far have been only 13 episodes! I have heard that season 3 is drastically harder to get through than the first two, but still, I feel like I'm gonna be all caught up in no time. How great is it to have a new comedy to binge on 😎

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small white dog faces camera

This here is Gizmo. He's five years old, going on six, and he's a Maltese/Shihtzu cross. Before I moved out of home, I'd have called him “my dog”; now I don't live there I usually call him my parents' dog, even though obviously I still love him just as much, and I guess he's more of a family dog.

Every week, my parents and sister come to visit me (as well as my partner and cat) in the flat where I live now. We take Gizmo on a walk down to the beach (since I'm lucky enough to live only ten minutes away!) – there is a dog beach section and a clifftop path with lots of shrubs that rats love to live in, so Gizmo has a blast.

Since summer arrived, Gizmo has definitely been more daring about going into the water than he was before. )

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Over the past few years I've been pretty damn slow at watching new shows, even shows that turn out to be amazing like La casa de papel (which Netflix calls Money Heist in English). So, it was only last week that I even managed to finish the first season of this show.

Still… what a great fucking show! And yet, being Spanish, it has gone completely under-appreciated in the English-speaking world. So, have a quick little post where I gush over some of the things I love about it.

Spoilers for season one lie within! )

Is there anyone else on this website who shares my enthusiasm for this show? Or – if not – what amazing shows (or films, etc.) have you watched only to then have trouble finding anyone else to squee about it with??

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Recently, I've been reading the first Harry Potter book in Spanish. This year will be the tenth since I started learning Spanish, and as I'm sure many of you would know, learning a language isn't something you ever finish doing, it's just that the activities you do to work at it change. For me, I've long been at a plateau of about B2 level (slightly stronger with written communication, and weaker with spoken). My understanding is that this is more or less where you'll finish up if you're not going to move to a country where your target language is spoken, or if you can't use it extensively with loved ones or close friends or whatnot… but still, that's no reason why I can't aspire to gradually improve from where I am.

So, enthused by the new year, I've been doing two things: practising my listening comprehension with Spanish podcasts and TV shows on Netflix (La casa de papel is ♥), and slowly working my way through Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal (via Readlang, which lets me click on any unfamiliar word to get an instant translation and builds me flashcard decks out of them, with good SRS algorithms – I'm no advertiser but this site is great).

At the moment I've just read the part where Harry and Ron finally befriend Hermione (and also, ¡TROL EN LA MAZMORRA!). Nonetheless, it's also obviously the book where Harry and co. get sorted into their houses. As I was reminded today, pretty much EVERYONE who's grown up on these books has tried to work out where they'd fit, and since this journal is a bit new I figured I might as well post about it as a form of "get to know you" post.

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Typing this up reminded me a bit of this system of categorising gamers: diamonds, spades, hearts, clubs. Trying to match them up, I'd say that Ravenclaws are spades (they dig for information), Hufflepuffs are hearts (they treasure the community), and Gryffindors and Slytherins are probably both diamonds in different ways (they want the glory for making big achievements). Some Slytherins, clearly, also embody the club player type (i.e. the griefers), although I don't think that's a core part of the house – the pursuit of power is, though, and intimidation would be a tactic used by some to get there.

If you've read all this, please feel free to tell me your own house! Or, also, if you think I've mischaracterised any of the houses (I know people have discussed them a ton over the past 20 years, and I've missed almost all of it). Or, really, if you just have anything to contribute. I don't bite, and if I did, I'm pretty sure it'd be non-lethal.

Remembering Tumblr

Wednesday, 30 January 2019 02:07 pm
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I should say I'm not really a Tumblr refugee – I hadn't been using the site for some time by the NSFW crackdown of last month. I am still happy to take advantage of the uptick in activity on, and enthusiasm for, Dreamwidth. As LiveJournal declined I'd always hoped my circles would want to follow me over here to DW, but no one really did, and when people finally did stop using LJ it seemed to be more modern social media sites they moved to – including Tumblr.

So, I really started using Tumblr in 2011. I'd had an account before that, but… eh. Never used it. Until I did. As a platform, clearly, it always left something to be desired. My experience was that it was only ever barely usable once browser-extension'd to within an inch of its life. I mean, there weren't even timestamps on the dashboard! Replying back to replies was a pain. The same post could appear on your dash 657458745684 times – sometimes with slightly different commentary – if everyone you followed kept reblogging it.

Yet nonetheless, for me Tumblr became a fantastic space to indulge my fannish side. I've never considered myself a “big fandom person”, but Tumblr made it accessible. People would post gifsets of the best bits of all my favourite shows, and I could reblog them and enable everyone else to relive the joy. There were loads of interesting discussion posts, on things like character archetypes and tropes and whatnot. In terms of music, people would post loads of obscure B-sides, live performances, covers and fan-made mash-ups which could be a real treasure trove of previously-unknown stuff. Plus, there was lots of great non-fandom stuff on there too… )

Hello world!

Monday, 28 January 2019 07:19 pm
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Greetings! My name's Jessica (often shortened to Jess), and while I'm not exactly a newbie to Dreamwidth this is (evidently) my first entry on my brand-spankin'-new account. I'm hoping to use it to indulge my inner geek a little, although of course we'll see how things turn out!

A little more on me: I live in Melbourne with my partner and my cat. Thanks to my university degree, I speak Spanish to a level of moderate competence. (I read it very well though.) My interests would include reading (lots of genres), writing (spec fic), watching good TV, cooking, technology, languages and like… society. My politics are very left-wing. I am shy, with strong lurker tendencies, but please feel free to comment on anything that seems interesting and strike up a friendly convo – I'd be happy to chat!

As I mentioned I have been on Dreamwidth before, mostly between 2009–2012 before I faded out in favour of Tumblr (where I was [tumblr.com profile] jayeless). I don't feel like I was very good at connecting with other people who actually used DW at that time, which I'm hoping to do better at now, but at any rate all the posts I amassed then can now be found at [personal profile] jayeless_archive. I've also been known to use Mastodon (as jayeless@mastodon.cloud, Twitter (as [twitter.com profile] thejayeless), Goodreads (as this Jessica) and a number of other sites. Shout out, if you like, if you recognise me from somewhere!

I hope that serves as enough of an introduction for now! Further posts should be forthcoming, once I've written some, and once it's at least tomorrow 😉 Until then!

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