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Apparently when I was little, I didn't need computers to entertain me at all. No, I watched TV and I read books and I played in the backyard with my sister, and somehow, I liked it. Somehow.

Then I discovered computers and Neopets and the fact that CD players were pretty cool and somehow eight years went past without me caring about TV or playing in the backyard all that much. (Books are a different matter... books are more like, those things which are really cool, but I never seem to do as much with them as I'd really like. Although theoretically owning a Kindle now should fix that right up.)

I tell you this entire boring story as a prelude to telling you that I'm suffering from all kinds of gadget-related botheration right now. As a result of the vicious storms in Melbourne on Friday, we had flash-flooding in my street... which was cool. Then we lost power, which was not cool. Then the next day we realised that one of the power circuits in our house had been knocked out somehow, which REALLY SUCKED because the cable in question covered my bedroom, my parents' bedroom, the lounge room, the dining room (the last two names do not actually pertain to the current purpose of those rooms; they're referred to that way out of tradition) and the hallway. That means all the computers, and worse, EVERYTHING IN MY ROOM. Basically my room is my little sanctuary from the madness of the rest of the house, but I can't play my music loudly in here any more, I can't even operate my laptop in here for long any more... yeah.

All of these are small gripes, of course, which is why I haven't vented about it (discounting Twitter) until now :P We set up an extension cord into the lounge room with which to run our Internet router, some of the computers, etc.. And I was okay with that, because I mean, I still got to use my laptop, still got to play my music, whatever. It was MIGHTILY annoying sleeping in until almost 2pm two days in a row due to not having a clock or alarm in my room any more, but then I remembered that my phone has a built-in alarm, and while it's not nearly as awesome as waking to British India in the morning... at least I wake. Haha.

So what could have ruined this mildly annoying, yet totally bearable, scenario?!

My laptop.

Allow me to set the scene. I was trying to write an article about WikiLeaks for Lot's Wife, which technically Sarah wanted me to have done by last Friday but, uh, what can I say. I'm a master procrastinator, and also that storm was pretty damn distracting on Friday. So instead I was doing it today, slowly, listening to music... and then the screen faded to black and the music faded to nothing.

I thought: "What." (Yep, exactly like that, with no question Mark. That's how I roll. As for "mark" being autocorrected to "Mark" with a capital letter, that's how my iPod rolls. My iPod also doesn't believe thereis any such word as "its" and always autocorrects it to "it's", so if you see that apostrophe in an incorrect place, not my fault, sorry! Blame Apple!)

Once my laptop turned itself off, I turned it back on, and was presented with a message like this: "System has detected that one or more cooling fans are not working. System will now shut down in 15 seconds. You may hit ENTER to cancel shutdown and start up anyway, however doing so may result in data loss and system failure."

Basically... no more/very little laptop :(

I only got it seven months ago so I'm 100% sure it's within it's warranty, and we'll take it back to get checked out (AND HOPEFULLY FIXED) soon. In the meantime I'm trying to turn it on for a little while at a time to put stuff I really need into Dropbox (LIKE THAT WIKILEAKS ARTICLE), which is probably flirting with danger, but I don't care; I live on the wild side. And also the side that entails there being stuff I'm supposed to work on.

My true Internet-going device is currently my iPod Touch, and may I tell you, buying this thing was totally worth trying to survive two weeks on only $50 (= skipping lunch every day and thus starving) because I have got SO MUCH USE from it. You know, like at times like now. Otherwise I'd be at the mercy of my phone, and I think it hates me, so that wouldn't be very pleasant.

Anywayyyyy. Hopefully our electricity will get fixed soon, and also my laptop, and then everything can be back to normal and beautiful. Hopefully.

PS: Sorry for the lack of cutting, apparently I can't go back to the start of this post to insert one?! I really, really don't get you, iPod. Not at all. Scratch this, because I've cut it from a laptop now ;)

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