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NaNoWriMo winner 2010!Yes, I won NaNoWriMo for another year ;D I'm pretty sure that I left victory the latest this year of any year — I crossed the 50,000 word mark on the 29th and I think I've usually finished around the 23rd or thereabouts although I don't quite remember — but regardless, I actually did pull through.

And I pulled through despite hating the way my novel was structured to begin with, and excising a point-of-view character before even getting to any of his scenes, and reworking the entire second half of the outline when I was halfway through the first half. I also fell significantly behind at one point and had to work hard to catch up (6,000-word days help), and then although I pulled significantly ahead, I didn't really stay there, hence the twenty-ninth-day victory. BUT ANYWAY I WON. That's the important part.

I basically like the idea I've had and the plot, but I don't like the way I've executed the plot, so I'm going to go back and rework it (again) at some point. I really want to do justice to this idea and construct it properly, and tone down the violence, and give the characters more scenes that demonstrate their actual characters in the first section of the novel. If you remember my last post, I was really irritated at how much my outline seemed to consist of gratuitous violence, so that's the section I need to fix up :P Yeah.

Click through for more ramblings about the plot and whatnot... )

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As you might already know, I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year! This is the sixth year I've done it (I think... doing this every year since 2005 makes this my sixth year, right?), soooo by this point in time NaNoWriMo's become part of an established routine in my life. Something that's stuck by me for my entire adolescence. Something like that, anyway...

You might also know that I have this one novel that I've been writing and rewriting and rewriting again for approximately a gazillion years (i.e. three... and a bit). I'm not rewriting it again for NaNoWriMo. However, what I am doing is taking some of the things that were infodumped in the last chapter of that novel, and making a whole, new novel out of them. That novel is far more narrowly focused than this novel, concentrating more or less on one person and her life and the lives of the people she knows to some extent... but mostly about her.

This one, on the other hand, is broader and takes in different perspectives on events by people from different sides in this extremely messy conflict I managed to invent! One of the plot threads has been in my head a long, long time – approximately as long as my constantly-rewritten novel's one – because it was where I intended one of the secondary characters in that novel to go. I changed my mind though because I didn't think her personality would actually countenance it, so now there's a new character. Basically. Yeah.

Then there are three other main characters. Two of them have kind of short-ish plotlines, and the last doesn't have much of a plotline at all because I haven't thought of one yet. Right now he has a short plotline about the same length as the other two, but it's supposed to be much longer. So I need to work on that xD

The actual plot (...theme? premise?) of the novel basically goes like this: there's a country with two major ethnic groups, presided over by an evil totalitarian government. It maintains a system of segregation so that most localities are monoethnic, and also so that it can restrict the flow of information and ideas between localities. It pretends to be fair and just, but in reality it favours one race, the descendants of the island's occupiers when it was part of an empire, over the other. So a crazy-insane extremist movement begins to gain currency within the oppressed group, and eventually, it gains enough strength to topple the state. The rest of the novel is basically about... what happens next. Two of the main characters die, another suffers for a long time before managing to get out, and the last... well he's the one whose plot I haven't figured out yet but I'm pretty sure he enjoys himself. For a while at least.

Anywayyyy I started writing at 12am on the dot obviously (no wait actually I didn't because I was talking to someone so we only started at like 12.30 haha oops) and I'm now at 1,703 words, with one chapter totally down :D I don't hate the chapter either, so I am considering (strong emphasis on the part of that word which entails the meaning "undecided") posting it. If I do, it'll probably be friends/access-only or perhaps filter-locked depending on how I feel so if you're interested, speak up ;)

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This is the final graph of my JulNo progress:

JulNoWriMo Progress 2010

YESSSSSSS I WON. 57,422 words in total... I hit 50,016 at 11.44pm on the 30th (I'd like to see myself win NaNoWriMo with that narrow a margin :P) and then spent my entire day WHEN I SHOULD HAVE BEEN STUDYING, not studying and instead writing.

I got kind of bored of where I was up to, so. I wrote the last two chapters. Well, "bored" is the wrong word. I mean I was sitting on the bus yesterday afternoon and went, "OH CRAP I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE NEXT??" so I decided to write the last chapter. Then I wrote the last chapter and decided to write the second-last chapter. I'm now filling in the blanks I left while word warring (blanks because I figured they were scenes that could be copied almost verbatim from the old draft, with the pronouns changed... I was wrong by the way). Oh wait, I finished that, and NOW I'm moving onwards. Chapter six!

I'm getting a bit irritated with how long the draft is so far (ALMOST 50,000 - the 57,422 included 2,171 of an irrelevant story, and a bunch of prior drafts to scenes and miscellaneous fictional writings I churned out during July also) for such little narrative. Not a lot HAPPENS in the first five chapters - I mean, things TOTALLY DO, but not as many as are required to justify the thousands of words devoted to them. Soooo I think there's some slimming down to be done in future. No more entire drafts though, I intend to make sure of that :) (I say, for the thousandth time...)

PS: The song I listed in the "music" field = amazing. I love it.

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This is a piece I wrote for [community profile] dailyprompt's prompt about a week ago, "ghost town". It's set in the same world as the novel I've been writing for ages, but not in the same time period. And that's all I will say for now. Once my novel is finished and posted (see, now it has to happen!), I may explain more.

I'm not really sure how headings work (...) so here's my best shot:

Title: The Triumphant Storm
Fandom: original fiction!
Word Count: 990
Warnings: violence! or, uh, the end result of it.
Summary: They chose to stay, and face the storm, and it was their own fault that they lost.

The Triumphant Storm )
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It was 44℃ yesterday, or almost that. The weatherman said that was 110℉, so I'll take his word for it. But yeah, it was horrible. D: Worse, it remained above 30℃ for the entire night, and my room was already hot (maybe mid-thirties) from the day, and my little cooler is severely underpowered. That was not a fun night :(

This morning, it was still hot! Yesterday they were saying the change would come through around lunchtime, but lunchtime came and went and there was no change. Eventually I gave up on my room -- underpowered cooler was not working -- and went to watch Yes, Minister on DVD in the back room. Where it was cooler. I got through four episodes, and then finally the change was through!

The temperature is much more comfortable now, and it's such a relief. Hot weather makes me feel sick with something. Heat sickness, perhaps ;P

I've made a little more progress on my epic project that still needs a name... not progress that extended to finding a name, but progress! ;) I filled in the one gap I had left in my third draft thus far... which means I think there's another of those disconnects that plagued the second draft. More revision is clearly necessary. Otherwise, though, I think it's coming better than it had before. The draft's currently at about ~10,000 words, and at five and a half chapters. If this rate continues, this novel is going to be half or a third of the size of my last draft! I suspect the chapters will start getting longer, though. It'll be back to a 100,000 word monstrosity in no time. (Well... I exaggerate a bit.)

I'm also trying to update my blog on average once a day, but so far I've posted 7 times in 12 days, which is nowhere near the average rate required. :\ I wanted to maintain roughly-NaBloPoMo pace without actually having to write every day, but I am FAILING, because the knowledge that I can always make it up tomorrow means I am not writing and then never actually making it up.

It being January, with all the stiflingly hot weather that results, does not help.

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