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Apparently when I was little, I didn't need computers to entertain me at all. No, I watched TV and I read books and I played in the backyard with my sister, and somehow, I liked it. Somehow.

Then I discovered computers and Neopets and the fact that CD players were pretty cool and somehow eight years went past without me caring about TV or playing in the backyard all that much. (Books are a different matter... books are more like, those things which are really cool, but I never seem to do as much with them as I'd really like. Although theoretically owning a Kindle now should fix that right up.)

I tell you this entire boring story as a prelude to telling you that I'm suffering from all kinds of gadget-related botheration right now. Read more... )
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If you don't know myki is Victoria's upstart usurper of a ticketing system ~*~smartcard ticketing system~*~ where you like get this credit card thing and you're supposed to ~~tag on~~ and ~~tag off~~ every time you get on or off a train, tram, or bus.

(Actually technically you're not supposed to tag off when you get off the tram, unless your tram trip was wholly within the zone 1/2 overlap, in which case you are. METLINK'S ONLY HOBBY IN LIFE IS BEING CONFUSING ok.)

myki may sound like a "good idea" if you geek out over science fiction-y smartcard systems (understandable that was my own reaction when myki was first supposed to be introduced.............. in 2006) but if you consider that Melbourne already has an A-GRADE AMAZING TICKETING SYSTEM called METCARD it basically sucks. And basically there's two reasons for this: )

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This post is a crosspost from Jayeless, and can be read in its original location here.

As of next Monday, it’s re-enrolment season! This means that Monash is spamming me with approximately ONE TRILLION emails reminding me to enrol, even though it is NOT POSSIBLE YET, and it is quite annoying. I think you should know this.

Anyway, because I’m a BA(Global) student, I got this extra helpful “hint” about what I ought to be selecting once re-enrolments actually open:

Re-enrolment for 2011 commences next week, and it is expected that BA(Global) students entering their second year of study will take the unit ATS2559 ‘Global Studies’ in semester 1 and will need to select a minimum of two units for the year for the International Studies major.




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This post is a crosspost from Jayeless, and can be read in its original location here.

As you’re probably aware if you’ve read my About page (lol who does that), I study Global Arts at Monash. When I was listing my preferences in VTAC around a year ago, I was tossing up whether I should list Arts or Global Arts first. They’re basically the same thing, except that Global Arts is more restrictive — you must major in international studies, you must go on exchange for at least a semester, you must take these “global studies” electives. You can do all of that within Arts as well (except for the “global studies” electives but they don’t look very fun, so I don’t think anyone would want to), but you don’t have to.

So I went with it, but I’m a little over the idea of Global Arts now.

You know why? Because international studies is possibly my least favourite subject. I say “possibly” because history and Spanish are also not very fun — basically the only subject I genuinely like any more is linguistics, although the only reason I dislike history is my fuckwit tutor and if not for him, I think it’d be okay.

Anyway, I was going to write a good old-fashioned rant about everything wrong with my degree and everything I want to do instead, but then I realised that would be a little boring. And we all know that there’s only one thing that can make a boring post interesting.


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This post is a crosspost from Jayeless, and can be read in its original location here.

As you may know, last week was election week at Monash Clayton, and therefore a rollicking good time of real politic and finally understanding why Go! truly are the utter scumbags everyone says they are. It is absolutely exhausting and I say that even though I was hardly the most dedicated of campaigners, due to certain other life events getting in my way (do not feel obliged to talk about them, dear commenters).

Anyway, I could have written you a post about it. But I decided not to.

Yes, I decided to record an audio post about them instead. My last one seemed so popular, I might as well do another, right? (Since I already did do one, don’t tell me no!) I hope my accent and voice are clear and comprehensible, as well as awesome, but as I already mentioned in my last audio post I don’t think it’s that awesome. This is possibly a good thing as it means it can’t overshadow the awesomeness of the content that is to follow! Behold:

(In total, this post amounts to about fourteen minutes straight of me speaking, so I’m sorry! But on the bright side this probably means it would have been like a 2,000 word entry, so perhaps you should be grateful I decided to speak all of that instead!)

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