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Cut for spoilers, duh. Moffatt-sanctioned, thus probably-not-all-that-episode-ruining spoilers but nonetheless :p

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Anyway now let's move on to MORE SPOILERS, i.e. the synopsis of the first episode:

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Jan. 19th, 2011 12:12 pm
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Today I found out that a human being could survive ninety seconds in deep space and still get better.

Sooooo I guess I have to cancel my whinging about River Song's stupid plan about chucking herself out of an airlock in The Time of Angels. Technically she had 90 seconds. (Although after not many she'd have been quite sick so to some extent my point still holds. To some extent.)

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Look, I remembered I still had to write this post!! Yay :D

Anyway... I adored this year's Christmas special, I have to say. It was all timey-wimey and awesome, and although there were some things about it (well mainly one thing) that I didn't like, these/this is minor and overall, I still adored the episode :p

Apparently it was hard to follow without watching it the whole way through; my sister missed the start and my mother missed chunks out of the middle, and neither of them had any idea what was happening in the episode as a result. But I watched the whole thing, so I remember.

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Aug. 30th, 2010 01:59 am
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Doctor Who Series Six To Be Split In Two

You know what this means?? TWO FINALES. Also, less of a wait between the halves of the season. But mostly TWO FINALES.


And while I'm talking about Doctor Who, have something FUCKING AWESOME: the opening lyrics to Children Collide's song "Asleep on my Feet":

I've been looking for a timelord
To take me back to when I was a god

Too bad I have nooooooo idea what the song is about, but I got that bit :D Chapel St also got a mention - Melbourne represent! ;D Actually if I post all the lyrics maybe someone can help me out :P


Seriously, this song is intense. I have no ideas, none at all.

If I magically gain one, I guess you can expect a slightly repetitive entry as I write about my amazing revelation... :P


Aug. 18th, 2010 01:20 am
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NY Times: Book Review - Churchill's Empire

If you read my review of the Doctor Who episode Victory of the Daleks, THIS SHIT IS EXACTLY WHY THAT EPISODE PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH. Churchill does not deserve his reputation for heroism and bravery at all. Man is a fucker. Just read the article and read ALL THE HORRIFIC THINGS CHURCHILL SAID that I did not know he said; not knowing all that much about twentieth-century Britain, I was basing my opinion purely on the fact that Britain retained an empire during WW2, Churchill lead Britain during WW2, therefore Churchill is an imperialist dick. I am very articulate explaining why I hate people, I know. But as the article says itself it's not even that Churchill was reflecting values indoctrinated into him:

...even at the time, Churchill was seen as standing at the most brutal and brutish end of the British imperialist spectrum.

The article talks about how he gleefully destroyed villages in then-India, was irritated that the vast concentration camps in South Africa WERE NOT GOING FAR ENOUGH (seriously we learned about these concentration camps in history last semester and they are horrific), boasted about ~personally~ shooting three Sudanese "savages" (i.e. human beings), wanted to use poison gas on Kurds in Iraq... I mean fuck it man, when was the last time Saddam Hussein was celebrated in British TV as a hero? HMMMM.

I'm not sure about the bullshit in the article at the end, trying to salvage Churchill's image by going "he DID believe in ~freedom and democracy~ and it DOESN'T MATTER that he only thought white people deserved any because people never take things that way lol". It's like, no. STFU.

And besides, how fucking much did Churchill believe in the welfare of people as a conservative politician? How fucking much did he care when he personally shot people dead and believed he was entitled to do it? Who cares that he could string together a few pretty words about "freedom" and "democracy"? Honestly, if you do not believe that human beings are AUTOMATICALLY entitled to necessities for life like FOOD, WATER, HEALTHCARE, SHELTER, AND SO ON then you can wax lyrical about "freedom" and "democracy" all you like but it's all meaningless words.

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