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Location:Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I'm Jess, or Jessica. I'm nineteen years old and I live in Australia. I really shouldn't live in Australia because my skin is too pale and I get sunburnt approximately every second day. Plus, invasion is pretty bad. Anyway. I study at Monash University; I intend to major in Spanish at the moment (but seem to change my mind every six months or so...) but I also study history and linguistics. Oh, and according to my university I am going to major in international studies. How delusional they are. HA.

I have many passions in life, but at the moment I use this journal mostly to write about boring things, like uni and people I know. Allow me to describe some of the exciting things I could write about if I could be bothered, though...

Politics. I am a revolutionary socialist activist in Melbourne. My politics approximate those of the international socialist tendency (IST). If you don't know what that means, it means that I am cool. No no, seriously, it means... many things. It means I oppose all forms of exploitation and oppression, whose origins I consider to lie in class society itself. It means I think the dictatorial regimes of the Soviet bloc, China, Cuba etc. are state capitalist, abusing the rhetoric of communism to (not very effectively) disguise the undemocratic, class nature of their societies. It means I desire an international revolution to bring about the liberation of all humanity. I'm pretty happy to amicably discuss politics, but if you can't respect mine, we probably won't get along. Just saying.

Writing. Actually, I do write about writing sometimes, so that I don't write about this is a lie. But! I am one of those people who writes and rewrites and rewrites the same novel constantly for four and a half years (so far). Occasionally I take a break from that labour of love and write something else, and if it's short I sometimes even finish it (and post it here) and if it's long I just kind of whinge and then give up and go back to my labour of love. I probably spend more time writing about writing than I do actually writing.

Things That I Geek Out Over. For instance, in 2010 I wrote a whole series of posts about the series of Doctor Who that year, but the 2011 series did not inspire me the same way. I have randomly written posts obsessing about songs or books I love, too. But mostly... I don't. But I could. If I wanted to.

If you want more political ramblings from me, check out my Delicious account as most of the articles I link to from there are political, and I often can't resist commenting on them at length. If you want detailed statistics on the music I listen to (I know I do), check out my If you want a Tumblr that's about half politics and half pictures of cute animals, I have [ profile] jayeless; if you want a LiveJournal where I post all the same stuff as here, there's [ profile] jessiewings; if you just want to follow my ramblings on any damn thing I please, in 140-characters-or-less form, there's [ profile] thejayeless and... there's also lots more things I have/run/use etc., but this list is long enough!

Hope you enjoy ♥
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