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Look, I remembered I still had to write this post!! Yay :D

Anyway... I adored this year's Christmas special, I have to say. It was all timey-wimey and awesome, and although there were some things about it (well mainly one thing) that I didn't like, these/this is minor and overall, I still adored the episode :p

Apparently it was hard to follow without watching it the whole way through; my sister missed the start and my mother missed chunks out of the middle, and neither of them had any idea what was happening in the episode as a result. But I watched the whole thing, so I remember.

So, let's start with that thing I didn't like: the random monologue at the beginning. You know, where it was like, "every planet has a celebration to celebrate plumbing the depths of winter, to rejoice that they're halfway out of the dark... on Earth this is called Christmas."

It was seriously like... this is one of the most monumentally stupid sentences ever written.

I don't think I need to point out all the millions of ways in which this sentence is completely stupid. I think we all know that the southern hemisphere exists, that a large part of the world doesn't really have a cold season, that not every culture on Earth celebrates Christmas... ocay I guess I did just point out three of the ways, anyway. FEEL FREE TO NOMINATE MORE IN YOUR COMMENTS. I am totally up for some monologue-bashing. It was stupid.

Anyway, I actually liked the opening scene, with Amy and Rory in their policewoman and Centurion gear respectively :P Probably another downside to the episode is that there wasn't enough Amy and ESPECIALLY NOT ENOUGH RORY. Seriously Rory is pretty much the best ever and I only remember him getting one scene :(

I did like the plot of the episode though, with the Doctor meddling in the past of Jerkface (sry you should know by now, I never remember characters' names) to try to force him to be Not A Jerkface but instead Compassionate Enough To Actually Save The People On That Ship. And there was also the whole thing with Jerkface going "you have no right!!!! maybe I want to be an evil, loveless bastard!" and it was like LOL TRUE BUT PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE SO FUCK YOU. I liked Young Jerkface, you know, in the days before he became Jerkface, and how he was so sad because he missed that day of school when all the fish came :( I didn't actually understand the fish thing at all, but THAT'S OKAY, I DON'T MIND. I mean seriously, I don't understand how these fish are living outside of water. And floating in the air. And swimming about in the air as if it was water. I mean...?

...I think I've forgotten the principle behind paragraphs. Oh well.

So, I liked that the Doctor's solution to Jerkface being such an evil bastard that he was going to let thousands of people die was... well, first to comfort him as a crying child, and then to kind of engineer some kind of romance between him and the woman in the pod, Abigail. (Yep I remember HER name, just not Jerkface's. And that romance was actually so sweet, with Jerkface being a TOTALLY CLUELESS teenager and the Doctor being EVEN MORE CLUELESS. I loved that scene where Jerkface was running away from Abigail because she was going to kiss him and being all "help!!!!!" Oh, and that the Doctor's response was, "Just go in there trying to make it as awkward as possible. That way at least the awkwardness will be deliberate."

And also, that loving and losing Abigail made Jerkface... still a Jerkface. Like you can see that moment of doubt when Jerkface Snr (his dad) is all "people are cattle, so let's brutalise them! yay!!!!" but he STILL SIDES WITH HIM. And the Doctor turns up and is like, "Soooo... have you decided not to be Jerkface yet? ;)" and Jerkface is like, "No. Jerkfaceness for the win."

I also loved elderly-Jerkface's awareness of how the Doctor has basically fucked around with his entire life, that he remembers life the way it truly transpired yet also the new, slightly better (yet tragic) life the Doctor constructed for him. AND THEN the Doctor did the "Ghost of Christmas Future" thing and brought Young Jerkface to see himself as Elderly Jerkface... and mistake himself for his father! And both Jerkfaces cry and Elderly Jerkface realises what he is. And in the end, of course, the Doctor does enough fucking around that Jerkface does indeed become Not Such A Jerkface.

Oh, and then there was the tragedy of "which day would you choose?" Quite beautiful. I liked it.

But like I was saying... there were some things I disliked, and now I think about it there was more than one. To recap the ones I've already mentioned:

  • not enough Amy and Rory
  • wtf is with the fish

Okay, well I also didn't like the isometric controls. You know, when Not Such A Jerkface couldn't operate the controls to let the ship land, because only a true Jerkface can operate those controls and Not Such A Jerkfaces are not good enough. Well, I thought this was a bit bogus. I don't think isometric controls can be programmed only to allow specifically evil people with such-and-such characteristics to operate them. It seemed cheap and although sure, it gave Jerkface the excuse to bring Abigail back for her final day... it also meant MORE FISH!!! Seriously what was with those fish.

Overall though, I really liked the episode :D I know I've done a shockingly shallow job reviewing it, with no pondering what it reveals about the nature of time or anything à la my Season Fnarg reviews, which I'm sure would be highly possible! I guess if you want to discuss the timey-wimey stuff, comment ;) But aside from that, review complete :D


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